Welcome to Carolyn Kuzyk Design Services. Surprise, my name is Carolyn! I have been a graphic designer since 2001 and have been in marketing since 2003, but it gets better… keep reading. My passion for travel and all things aesthetic has paved the way for a very diverse background. I am currently completing an interior design as well as an AutoCad certificate program. I have never really been a good sleeper, I work best when “under the gun” so to speak. It might strike me to sew a costume for my son or draft up a design to repurpose his old crib at 3 am. Learning and acquiring new skills through different shapes and forms is a way of life. Not to brag but my diverse book collection speaks volumes! Well, enough about my hoarding habits… please contact me if you’re looking for someone to work with you to meet your graphic design needs. It’s just a bonus that I know the difference between you’re and your!

Check back soon for extremely stunning visuals… this is obviously still in the works.